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underwater photography

Do you want to achieve excellent results in your underwater photographs or videos?

Learn how to get the most out of a compact camera underwater.


Do you want to last longer on the bottom and reduce your nitrogen load?

Learn to use enriched air (NITROX)


Do you want to explore deeper dive sites with the confidence and preparation necessary?

Learn to manage your gas supply, review the procedures for contact with colleagues and buoyancy control and go up to 40 meters deep


Do you want to know how to correctly implement and manage a Marker Buoy?

Learn all the uses and benefits of a marker buoy.


What happens underwater after the sun goes down?

The underwater world changes as daytime creatures retreat and nocturnal organisms emerge.

Sunken ship

Do you want to be able to enter and discover the most inhospitable corners of the wrecks?

Learn the responsible practices to keep in mind when you get into a boat, plane or car underwater.

search and recovery

Do you want to know the best way to find and recover all kinds of underwater objects?

Learn the best search techniques and how to use a balloon lift responsibly.

Dry suit

Do you want to dive in winter or in cold waters in the most comfortable way?

Learn to dive with a dry suit and expand your limits.


Do you want to improve your buoyancy skills?

Learn to observe underwater life without disturbing your environment.

oxygen manager

Do you want to be prepared to offer your help in case someone requires oxygen?

Learn to immediately recognize dive-related illnesses that can be treated with emergency oxygen, and be prepared to offer help.

adaptive techniques

Are you a PADI professional who wants to be more aware of individual considerations when working with people who have physical or mental challenges?

Learn to adapt your teaching techniques when training and diving with divers with physical and mental disabilities.

adaptive support diver

Do you want to learn how to best support a dive buddy who is physically or mentally challenged?

Learn and increase your knowledge about the different adaptation skills and techniques to apply while diving with a partner with a disability.

AWARE: Dive Against Debris

Do you want to help and clean the aquatic world in the most prudent way?

Learn about the problems of marine debris, take Dive Against Debris studies, and how divers are part of the solution to keeping our oceans clean.


Do you want to learn more about sharks?

Sharks are an essential part of a healthy ocean. This course explains why they are vulnerable, the importance of having a healthy shark population, managing threats, and how to take steps to protect them.

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