Ready for new adventures? Do you want to know what it feels like to breathe underwater?

The christening opens you to a new world of sensations!

We will go to the pool, we will show you the diving equipment and what we use in each dive, we will equip ourselves, we will descend little by little and we will breathe underwater.

Are you going to miss it?

What will we do?
1.- We will explain the basics about scuba diving. 2.- We will equip ourselves and become familiar with the diving equipment. 3.- Ducks to the water! 4.- We will adapt with some shallow exercises. 5.- We will dive up to 6 meters!
Where are we?
In FeelingScuba that is in the Nautical Base of Barcelona between Bogatell beach and Mar Bella beach.
What should i bring?
Swimsuit, change clothes, towel and I really want to have a great time!
How long is the experience?
Approximately 2 hours.
What is NOT included?
1.- Transportation to the place of the experience. 2.- Medical certificate if necessary. Check the medical questionnaire to see if you need it.
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